Feng Shui the luck back into your life!

Double double toil and trouble, fire burning cauldron bubble! You no longer have to use this spell to chase away the obstacles in your life, rather you can feng shui it! Feng shui is the age old Chinese way of organizing ones bedroom it home to circulate the flow of good chi- positive energy.

The first step to circulate good chi is to follow the bagua map which has the nine aspirations in life:

You can start with your bedroom by aligning it with the doorway, which is the mouth of chi.
Working with this bagua map is essentially one of the most effective way to bring about positive changes in your life, so if you are dedicated, start with your bedroom using these tips!

Accordingly divide off sections of your room accordingly, so the wealth and prosperity side needs to have what reminds you of wealth,
and always keep this space well lit with natural light to allow the chi to build its mystic circle of prosperity.

For reputation and fame, you can paint the wall which falls in that sector red, to enhance your spiritual growth and keep mementos of your achievements in this area.
This also works to boost your self confidence.

The love and relationship part focuses on building relationships based on trust and unconditional love, be it with your friends or family.
Here a few pink candles kept, can just be the ultimate tool to light that spark back in your life.

Health and family is one of the crucial base of existence, here to ensure good health for you and your family you can add shelves built of wood or wooden tables to gravitate chi from them.

The focal center and well being require earth elements, and you can get creative here! Get some crystals or stones such as topaz, and place them in a bowl made of clay,
Hence it is a reflection of the nourishing qualities of the earth element.

Creativity and children, which channels the free and skill full spirit in you is represented by the metal element. You can place small metal statues in this part of the room or also paint the corresponding wall white to project the free spirit in you.

Knowledge and wisdom area of you room is responsible for continuous growth of oneself and learning. Here you can place a book case to reflect your ever-evolving knowledge.
Simple and quick!

A persons career is truly one of the most strived after and sought after sector in life this side needs to have the essence of flowing water, you can put a small fountain there,
Or hang pictures of waterfalls and flowing rivers, this will clam your mind at the same time.

Travel and helpful people sector is where we need the presence of people who have a good impact in our lives so this area could have a collection of all your travel souvenirs through your life,
Or include religious statues. Aim to keep this area always clutter free to enhance the passing of helpful people into your life.

Try out these simple and easy feng shui tips, to give your life that boost it needs!