Find Accommodation in London for Student

Most of the international students in London struggle to find accommodation. Competition for finding accommodation in fierce and students who are looking accommodation need to be prepared. Note that London is quite expensive place to live. But don’t despair; we are going to make this process easy for you.

Student Halls in London

Renting a room in student halls is an obvious option for student. This has its pros and cons, but overall it is not a bad idea to spend at least one year living like a proper student. Usually student halls are more expensive then shared flats. But student halls are designed in a way to satisfy every student’s need.

University Student Halls

University student halls are usually cheaper than the private sector. As every halls are usually in or near the university campus, so you won’t be late in the morning or don’t need to travel far. It’s very convenient living close to university, with constant access to the facilities it offers.

Private Student Halls

If for some reason you missed the deadline for the university student halls, you also have the option of privately managed one. Usually they are expensive, but the may also offer better conditions and wider selection of locations.

House/Flat Shares in London

Alternatively to living in student halls, you may rent a room in a house or flat share- one of the most common types of accommodation in London for students. Prices of rooms in shared house or flat vary depends on some factors like living conditions, location and amenities.

Documents Required

The documents required to rent a room and fees may vary depending on various factors.

References – This may be from your university to prove that you are a student.

UK Guarantor Form – This should be filled with details of a UK resident who has agreed to pay your rent in case you fail to do so.

Bank Statement – This should indicate that you have enough funds to cover your rent.