How To Make Your Home A Happier Place

No matter if you are renting or owning a home, there are some simple things you should consider that will make your home a happier place.

1. Psychology of Colour

Each colour has different psychological effects as certain colors are better suited to certain rooms.

2. Feng Shui

Which literally translated from the Chinese as ‘Wind Water’, is over 3000 years old It teaches that the energies of a home must be balanced in order to promote good health and fortune for its inhabitants.

3. Biophilia Hypothesis

Suggests that, possibly due to our evolutionary history, human beings have a preference for being around nature and find its absence distressing.


# Blue lowers blood pressure and the heart-rate, it is calm and reassuring, a perfect colour for a bedroom.

# Heavy curtains should be employed in the bedroom to keep it dark early in the morning.

# Beds should be placed diagonally opposite the door, and should allow for a clear view of the room and door.

# Electronics can disrupt sleep, so should be placed at least two feet from beds. Ideally, the bedroom should be electronics free.


# Purple is a bold yet elegant colour, historically associated with creativity and wealth. It is ideal for a home office.

# Angular shapes and harsh lines should be used in the decoration of a home-office since they have been shown to reduce tiredness and increase productivity.

# Desks should not face walls as this will hamper concentration levels and creativity.


# Aloe Vera is great bathroom plant, it requires little sunlight and it a natural cure for skin irritations.

# Add early colors in the form towels or decorations, Feng Shui teaches that elements in the home must be balanced, and the bathroom, plentiful in water, should be balanced by early.

# Close the toilet lid! This will stop the chi (energy) escaping as well as looking tidier.

Living Room

# Mirrors create energy, so don’t have them in places where you like to relax.

# Green is refreshing color which promotes rest and recuperation, making it a great colour for a something living room.

# Soft textures have a calming influence, and are particularly attractive to those who are nervous or aggressive.

# If you are introverted, you are more likely to be comfortable, in an individual chair than on a sofa.

# Palms such as Reed and Areca are well suited to living rooms because they grow in low-light conditions.

Dining Room

# Red raises blood pressure and the heart-rate, an exciting color associated with danger, it can also stimulate conversation making it well suited to a dining room.

# Round tables, no wider than 60, have been found to be the most inviting socially.


# Spider plants are great at removing poisonous gasses and other airborne impurities produced in the kitchen.

# Yellow can suit kitchen if you also eat breakfast there as it creates a sunny, happy way to start the day. Moreover, Feng Shui teaches that it is food for digestion.

Remember, the happiest home will always be one where there is harmony between people.